Safe gambling at online casinos

There are so many online casinos active today that it is understandable if you are a little hesitant about joining one without doing your homework first. Fortunately, there are many things you can check to ensure that an online casino is as safe as claimed. Here’s a handy guide detailing things which you may wish to look for when deciding to play at a safe online casino site.

Check for an eCOGRA certificate

If you’re playing in Europe, then there is no finer way of ensuring safety, than by looking for an eCOGRA certificate. eCOGRA is an organisation which includes the safest and most respectable online casinos. Generally speaking, if an online casino has an eCOGRA certificate, then they have been verified by independent auditors as having games and a security system which is more than fair. If your casino doesn’t have an eCOGRA certificate, and you are playing in Europe, perhaps you should find one which does have one.



What are their payout percentages like?

Most online casino sites are pretty forthcoming with their pay-out percentages. A pay-out percentages or win-rate is basically a percentage, which tells you how often a game or a set of games pays out. Generally speaking, a slot which has a pay-out percentage above 92% is excellent to play. Online casinos which have pay-out percentages of less than 80%, should always be avoided.

Read online casino reviews

Another top way to find out about online casinos is to read reviews. Most reviews are written by people who are not only casino gamblers like yourselves, but also professional writers. They will have scrutinised every aspect of a casino in their review. You should be able to tell if a casino is good or not from their reviews. True, there are some poor review sites out there, but if you read several reviews of the same casino, you’re bound to end up with an overall opinion on their safety.

Claim a no-deposit bonus

You could always check out the casino for yourself. Most of the top online casinos offer a no-deposit bonus. This bonus allows you to try out their games and win real money, all for free. There is no better way to see if a casino offers games with decent winnings than this option.

Where are they licensed, and can you play there?

The safest online casinos will hold a gambling license. Check that your online casino holds a genuine license, and also look at who can play there. If you cannot play there, then they are probably not licensed in your country. There could be a reason for that, so it is best to avoid them, then.

Are they blacklisted?

Another great way to examine the safe gambling of online casinos is to check out a blacklist or rogue casino review site. These sites can tell you instantly if a naughty online casino has been misbehaving or isn’t safe. If a casino is blacklisted, then it should most definitely be avoided.

Choosing the right payment method

Finally – and this may seem simple – you’ll want to pick an online casino which offers a decent selection of payment methods. Some payment methods are safer than others (such as prepaid vouchers or e-wallets), so pick the payment method you feel the most comfortable with.